Jonathan’s story

I have always lived my life with an understanding that as soon as I found a beautiful place, I wanted to share it.

After teaching high school English for seven years, I decided photography would be my life. I photographed hundreds of weddings, grew my studio, bought a beautiful space in Center City, Philadelphia, met my future wife. I even bought a panoramic landscape film camera. I traveled the world chasing sunrises and sunsets. The images you see here are from those trips.

Then, when I thought I had everything made, disaster struck. Tendinitis developed in both elbows. The pain was excruciating. Then, I was tortured by radial neuropathy. It hurt to touch anything. I scrambled to transition my studio to have associates shoot for me. I hired interns and assistants who would type for me since the keyboard would be off limits for what turned out to be six years. I nearly lost the house, the business, and my joy for life. Faced with this impossible situation, we decided to go to Peru on a sacred journey. I began the trip unable to carry my bags, or even hold an iPhone to take a photograph.

What happened is hard for me to even understand to this day. It was on my birthday, at Machu Picchu, that I completely broke down. I stood in a river next to a waterfall, dunked my arms in the icy cold water and imagined the pain being swept away downriver. I felt a warm glowing light fill my body with gratitude. 10 days into the trip, the pain was gone. Six years of near constant suffering had suddenly ceased.

I promised myself, now that this dark cloud had passed, that I would one day travel the world and teach others photography, to help them be in the moment, far from the regular routine of everyday life. I am so honored to share my gratitude for this incredible planet with you.

Federico’s story

I have finally achieved location independence. I have worked for years towards this goal, knowing that traveling and living “here and there” is what made me the happiest.

To celebrate our newly found freedom, cheating New York’s winter for four months Chloe and I decided to spend our time in her native country, Mexico. Being away from the city energy, living in nature,  gave me the mental clarity to start thinking about my next step: how to combine my love for travel and photography.

What became apparent was that every time I traveled and posted images on social media, people wanted to know where I shot the images and how I made them. They wanted suggestions and advice about taking a trip like this themselves, but, more importantly, they also wanted to hear about our incredible adventures. Everyone was very interested in the life style (hotels, houses, food, cafes) as much as they were interested in the places we went.

The other incredible benefit of location independent travel was the wonderful people I met: locals and expats, travelers, adventurers, artists of all sort. The idea to build something around photography and traveling was born during our winter in the tropics.

Top Travel Spot will be the gathering place for our next adventure, and if you choose, come along,  attend our workshop, experience the colors, energy, and magic of the far-off places of the world.

We will take you to our favorite spots, share the magic of this incredible planet, and teach you everything we know about photography and traveling.

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